We are a company founded in 2006, dedicated to providing advice, supply of equipment and services for the domestic industry and Latin American Andean region, with a single objective to generate good practices RATIONAL USE OF ENERGY IN THE ELECTRICITY SECTOR, making our customers more competitive and environmentally friendly.

We have a professional team of highly qualified and specialized, with professional experience higher to 25 years, which gives reliability in the development of projects. We have two business divisions:

1) Electric Motors, Generators and Controls.
2) Energy sources.

Our team is fully committed to the success of the company, suppliers and customers.




Promote engineering comprehensively, knowledge and supply of equipment for power generation and rotary driving force to the national and regional industry, as a pillar maintaining the culture of use rational of energy including high-throughput technologies in all industrial applications.

In 2025 be recognized as one of the leading companies in providing engineering services in the stage of electricity generation using renewable energy, plus ELECTRIC MOTORS. Occupy the highest place as providers of knowledge and technology to our customers, supported in the research and study of their industrial processes.

Our quality policy is oriented to the full satisfaction of our customers with any of our products and services.

INPRAIND S.A.S. serves its Colombian projects supported in the legislation and help our customers to obtain economic benefits by RATIONAL USE OF ENERGY.